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//Best Flat Roof Practical Solution Finder

I experienced Oleg from Best Flat Roof as a creative thinker and practical solution finder, who is highly committed to his workmanship. I live in a 100+ year-old home in downtown Toronto. The flat roof section is on an addition to the house, build approx. around 1980. Over the last year I watched it sagging and I knew it needs to be re-done before the next winter comes. I found Oleg through a friend. He came, thoroughly looked at it and explained the process of re-building it and gave me the option to add an insulating layer – what I chose. And he had it priced the next day – beating another estimate by 1500 $. We scheduled it for October 2012, however, when I had to travel and learned at the airport that it is leaking into the house after heavy rainfall, I called Oleg last minute. He connected with my son and took emergency care regarding failing eaves-troughs of the old part of the house and investigated the leak at the flat roof-section. After my return we scheduled the roof-replacement for asap. Oleg and his team worked quickly and professionally, had the job done in 2 days and cleaned well up after it. I was impressed with the work they did and their commitment to getting the work done, even in hottest August temperatures. I can not recommend highly enough. I look forward to further projects hiring Oleg and his team.

Iris from Toronto

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