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Residential Shingle Roof

Apart from the foundation, roof is the next most vital part of any construction. If you maintain your roof properly, it will save you a lot of expenses. Instead of waiting until your roof starts leaking and the inside walls becomes damaged, you should work towards maintenance. This will cost you one tenth of the expense incurred for roof repairs. Best Flat Roof installers can add a charm and efficacy to the home and make it rich in taste. You will be amazed to see what one simple change, like adding earth tone to the roof can do to your home. Our competent workers can install almost any kind of roofing material that includes wood fiber, tiles, fiber glass and many more. The contractors at Best Flat Roof are experts in roofing and can offer you flat or shingled roof selections that you could customize in terms of color, texture, longevity and of course budget.

When you want the best look, make sure your new roof color coordinates with the exterior of the house. Best Flat Roof will give you that lasting touch to your home so that it can retain its beauty for a long time. Ask one of our Toronto contractors on getting the maximum for the investment you make for the roof. Your roofing contractor will be able to brief you about selecting materials. Both the selection of materials and contractors has to be made very carefully as it can mean the difference between replacing your roof in 5 years vs. 10-30 years.

Asphalt Shingle Roof

When it comes to shingles, asphalt is the most commonly used variety. To ensure durability, asphalt is reinforced with organic materials like wood fiber and paper, fiber glass or mat. These roofs can last for twenty to thirty years. Asphalt shingles have been improved to a great extent in last few years. These improvised forms are often known as laminated, architectural or dimensional shingles.

Laminated shingles are made out of asphalt but are not same as three tab shingles. This variety adds lots to the characteristics of the roof and is composed of several layers of materials which ensure a life range of three to five decades. Laminated shingles are also heavy and thick compared to 3 tab shingles which make them better resistant of heavy wind. To make these shingles unique and of high standard, angles, vibrant color patterns and shadow lines are incorporated. When seen from a distance, they look like costly slate material.

Wood Shakes & Shingles

Usually shakes are made of spruce, cedar or pine treated by artificial means. The texture of shakes that are hand split are uneven at the front and smooth to touch on back. The machine sawed wood shingles are even on both the sides. Cedar is the best performing wood shingles followed by treated pine shingles at a close second.

At the time of installation, wood shakes are reddish or earthen in color. After their exposure to rain and sun, at the end of the first year, they turn gray. The wood shakes are durable enough to last for up to thirty years. The characteristics inherent in wood are present in these too. So the shakes may shrink or splinter. One disadvantage with using wood shakes is that the installation cost is about 50% higher than laminated shingles. Another major downside of installing wood shake is that they are susceptible to the hazards of fire compared with asphalt shingles which are fire resistant.

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